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A picture is worth a thousand words, wall art for all tastes...

To be amazed and transported by a work of art bring joy, inspiration, emotion, thrill... That's the idea behind Art Mural. A unique collaboration between experts in exhibition design and real, committed, talented, but above all, heartfelt artists. 

Local artists!

Via our online gallery, choisissez l'oeuvre qui vous plaît, le format idéal pour votre pièce et le cadre approprié et le tour est joué!

Our Quebec artists

Discover the perfect artworks by homegrown artists to decorate your spaces in a distinctive and authentic way.

Cedric Taillon

Cedric presents his "Abstract Shield" collection, a series of works produced over several billion years on the magnificent canvas that is our Canadian Shield. By dripping lava colored with different minerals and using glaciers as a spatula, Mother Nature has absolutely nothing to envy to the greatest abstract artists in the history of art. The Art Mural collection allows us to bring out and display these fantastic ephemeral works that are normally only visible on the North Shore.

Marie-Ève Richard

Focusing mostly on drawing and painting, Marie-Ève draws her influences from many artistic currents and is inspired by her personal experiences as well as the current world.

Jonathan Séverin

Self taught artist, born in Montréal in 1977, Jonathan explores chromatic interactions through the illusion of transparency and sequencing of the different colors. The gradient effects of brightness, radiance and depth result from the precise mixing and assembly of different tones in his pictorial space.

Stéfannie Larichelière

Drawing on the "Joie de vivre", Stéfannie Larichelière is inspired by nature and explores the possibilities offered by digital collage. Fascinated by the power of color, she stages a narrative, a story, a "glimpse" into the imagination of each of her portraits, adding a note of poetry.

Personalized decor in a few clicks

Specialized in Quebec artists artwork reproductions, Art Mural also gives you access to a bank of images to create unique atmospheres, all 100% made in Quebec!

Quebec Art Accessible

Discover our reproductions of artworks by Quebec artistsin a variety of formats and at affordable prices.

Durable frame & replaceable image 

Get your artwork printed on interchangeable canvas and accompanied by our easy-to-assemble aluminum frame

Made in Quebec, delivered anywhere

Opt for high quality prints and frames 100% made in Quebec with heart and precision.
Customer testimonials
"A beautiful artwork by Mephisto Bates to decorate our baby's room, I love his art, but I didn't know where to get it, thanks Art Mural”
— Laurence Chabot
''The design team was pleasantly surprised by the quality and resolution of the canvas. The pops of color make it very attractive!''
— Amélie Guillemette, Lebleu communication
''I received my canvas a few days after my order, the quality is very good, easy to assemble as well.''
— Laurie McCallister
"I ordered a canvas from a photo taken with my phone, the result is superb! It is really beautiful!"
— Simon Lavigne
''The bracket system is super efficient and super simple. Moreover, the assembled frame seems very solid.

We think the final product is really beautiful.''
— Alexandre Charlton, Cavaletti

Art Mural by Présentation Design

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