Cedric Taillon is celebrating 15 years in the visual arts. After studying cartooning in Toronto in 2005, he moved to his hometown of Montreal. He started out as a hyper-realistic portrait painter, slowly developing a collection and a style in parallel. He takes every opportunity that comes his way for a sharp critical eye and deft hands. He is involved in editorial and advertising illustration, then in theater sets and special effects in cinema, he also develops a particular affinity for live painting events.

Cedric presents his "Abstract Shield" collection, a series of works produced over several billion years on the magnificent canvas that is our Canadian Shield. By dripping lava colored with different minerals and using glaciers as a spatula, Mother Nature has absolutely nothing to envy to the greatest abstract artists in the history of art. The Art Mural collection allows us to bring out and display these fantastic ephemeral works that are normally only visible on the North Shore.

Cedric is also the curator of Art Mural.

Instagram : /cedrictaillon