Goran Hamsic, (aka GORANGO) a Montreal based visual artist born in Sarajevo (X-Yugoslavia), addresses contemporary concerns through painting, graphic design and video art. Having lived in an artistic environment from an early age, Goran has been exposed to various events throughout his life, including the horrors of the war in Bosnia from 1990 to 1995. The first part of his work is based on memories and feelings of what he experienced at that time which we can also see in some of his old and recent works.

The paintings change the perceptions. The duality of the connection between life and death is often expressed in his works. His way of living with it is to express his feelings and memories through art. While his early artistic compositions focused primarily on the practice of observing various aspects of human suffering and pain, his critical reflection on the past, present and future evolution of his painting process remains at the core of his current practice. Error, Aesthetics, beauty, dimension and movement all play an important role in Goran's work.

From simplicity to complexity, from destruction to construction and from stillness to calm, his art demonstrates how human expression can exist in all aspects and forms.

Instagram : /@goranhamsicpainter