Melsa Montagne proposes a series of anonymous portraits. Singular, invented, sensitive humans. She fuels the thrill by representing authentic feelings. "My breath, my garden", a new series in homage to nature, a metaphor my garden articulating around inner healing, personal growth and then blossoming, this state during which we are one with our body and our values represented by the blossoming of a flower both strong and fragile.

The artist has reached a level of ease and spontaneity of gesture that now leads her to begin work in the direction of abstraction. Proceeding by pareidolia, she then spots the expression of a face. Melsa reveals herself in an instinctive and expressive style. This technique leads her to build from the accident. She avoids repetition and dares to renew.

Melsa obtained her diploma in visual arts in 1998 at the Cégep Montmorency. In 2008, she decided to devote herself full time to her artistic practice. She has participated in numerous exhibitions, festivals, collective projects and murals. Melsa illustrated a poster for the Dans La Rue awareness campaign in 2015. She has illustrated book covers with Quebec publishers. Melsa has won numerous awards, including the Grand Prize at the 2016 Mtl En Arts Festival. She has exhibited in Quebec, Boston and Australia.

Instagram : /@melsamontagne