Nicolas Craig is a machine, a factory of surreal dreams with pastel tints. The hard drive in his skull, encoded with 3 decades of pop culture, is overflowing. Like a sponge bursting with creative juices, the idea-hungry artist regurgitates his overflow of inspiration in a spray of rainbows, cartoons and stickers that splashes onto walls, canvas and paper. Her production comes out of the creation pipeline in smorgasbord of colors with distorting shapes, where bodies flow, buried in butterflies and exotic flowers. A compulsively concocted eye candy, Craig's work takes us into a dichotomous world where drama and comedy overlap in a slow-moving race of vague social commentary sprinkled with the moods of his creative god. In his ivory tower, the painter writes a new page every day in his bible of images, hermit and happy.

Instagram : /@craig_nicolas