Art Mural is first and foremost a project of art lovers, travel in the broadest sense, creativity, accessibility and love of Quebec. In March 2020, the pandemic hit Présentation Design, which has been working in the field of exhibition design since 1973, hard. We must renew ourselves, find solutions to keep our project, our passion, our team alive. The company has just passed into the hands of its successor and the energy is there, the desire to create a project that brings together the skills of Presentation Design, art and local artists is making its way into discussions at home and at the office.

So we tested with an artist who is dear to us, we are working on a concept where art can be even more accessible to the general public and which gives back to the creators. We exchanged, debated, laughed and we dug our brains to arrive at this platform that resembles us.

Many of our deepest values are at the heart of Art Mural: sharing, the will to do things right, creativity, resilience and effort. Seeing life in color rather than in black and white is a bit of a leitmotif for Art Mural.

We are very proud to share local artists with you, to make their work accessible in a variety of formats, on a high quality printed canvas, easy to install, replaceable and accessible anywhere in the world.

Our artists are selected in "coup de coeur" mode, it takes thrill, wonder, smile ... that's what we love and share.

A special thank you to Cédric Taillon, Isabelle Vallée and the whole team of Presentation Design, Maryse, Virginie, Laika, Christophe, Donald, Lyne, Raymond, Robert, Pierre, Mélodie and Fred.

Laurence Lefebvre,

Founder of Art Mural