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Is Art Mural a local product?
We are proud of our corner of the world! We promote Quebec artists and the influence of local talent. Our aluminum frames, canvases and prints are all assembled and/or manufactured in Laval, Quebec, and although we don't limit our selection of artists/photographers to Quebec, we always favor our artisans. You will find the hometown of each artist in their bio!
What materials are used to make the frames?
Our frames are made of anodized aluminum (matte aluminum or matte black finish). This is a lightweight and durable material. The visual is printed in high resolution on a stretchy, non-flammable, high-quality canvas. The lightness of the finished product is impressive: a complete 48" x 48" frame weighs only 5 pounds.
How will I receive my frame? Do I have to assemble it?
Yes, the frame comes in 4 pieces ready to be assembled. We send you all the necessary material to assemble it and fix it to the wall (except the screwdriver!):  - Aluminum frame (black or silver). - High resolution printed canvas on fabric - Assembly key - Screws for hanging on wood or gypsum wall - Plastic anchor for solidity video mounting available here.
Is the assembly and installation of the frames difficult?
No! A few quick steps that you can see here, a screwdriver and you're done. A few quick steps that you can view here, a screwdriver and you're done. Do not use exacto or knife to open the box, take out all the components. Place the frame rods on the floor to form the shape of the frame and place the brackets in the corners.  With a screwdriver, tighten the bolts, repeat for each corner. Insert the canvas into the frame starting at the 4 corners. Then, insert the canvas in the center of each of the 4 sides. Finish adjusting the canvas in the frame. See the assembly demo for more details! 1. Do not use an exacto or a knife to open the box, take out all the elements. 2. Placer les tiges du cadre sur le sol pour former la forme du cadre et placer les équerres dans les coins.  Tighten the bolts with a screwdriver, repeat for each corner. 4. Insérer la toile dans le cadre en commençant par les 4 coins. Then, insert the canvas in the center of each of the 4 sides. 5. Terminer l’ajustement de la toile dans le cadre. See the assembly demo for more details!
Can I request any format?
We have a wide range of standard sizes available (from 24" x 24" to 8' x 8'). The frames are cut and assembled in our workshop for each order. So if you want a larger size or have a custom project to do, just email us at info@art-mural.ca. The largest size we have done to date is 10 feet x 20 feet. Who can beat that?
Is it possible to use an image I took on my cell phone? Or an image from an image bank?
Absolutely! You can upload an image via our tool, our professional designers will make sure that it is consistent and of the best quality possible. Also, we will make sure that the ratio of the chosen frame corresponds to your image. Please note that each image will lose about 1 inch during printing, this is the space required for the finishing stitching.
I am changing the decor of my room and would like to replace my wall art with another favorite, is this possible?
Yes! This is possible, if the new work you want to buy is available in the same format as the one you have on hand. If it is not, please contact us. We can surely fit your new favorite to your existing frame.

You will simply need to unhook your current frame, remove the canvas and replace it with the new canvas of the same size. You can do this as many times as you want to change the style of your room!

There is a damage, the canvas is dirty, what to do?
Good news! Wall Art canvases are easy to clean! You can take a damp cloth and rub, it won't damage the fabric. Opt for a stain remover without bleach if the stain is stubborn and machine wash (delicate cycle and cold water). The fabric will not be damaged! Then air dry the canvas before reinstalling it in its frame (do not dry in the dryer!).
How does delivery and returns work?

We use regular mail service, normally between 5 and 10 business days. You will receive after your order, a confirmation email with a tracking number to follow your package. 

You receive your item and there is something wrong with it? Call or write us, we will do everything in our power to ensure your satisfaction: info@art-mural.ca - (450) 682-4612

Il manque un item ou une des composantes à été endommagée en livraison? Sans problème, nous vous renverrons rapidement la pièce, simplement nous écrire ou nous téléphoner : info@art-mural.ca - (450) 682-4612

Do the artists receive compensation when I make a purchase?
Yes, we offer our artists a percentage of all sales of reproductions of their work! Each artist receives 30% of the sales of the reproductions on the Art Mural platform.You wish to acquire the original of a painting? Write us or call us : info@art-mural.ca - (450) 682-4612, we will check availability and establish contact.

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If you have a question about your order or would like to place a custom order, write to us!